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KPC in a nutshell

KPC in a nutshell

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Untitled Girl Narrative
I Could Never Love Anyone...
"The What About Us Project"


KPC "Keeping People Connected"

is a multidisciplinary collective of Performing Artists that tell stories examining social injustices and stigmatized, difficult subject matter using dance, music, and conversation.

With a particular focus on Mental Health, LGBTQ+, BIIPOC (Indigenous and Immigrant), and Recovery communities,

KPC creates dance musicals that center and celebrate disenfranchised people,

offering opportunities to process and cope with challenging lived experiences. 

Every Dance Musical we create remains focused on our Core Values:


  • Inclusivity: Each KPC Performing Artist brings their unique lived experience to create Brave New Works normalizing non-traditional protagonists

  • Accountability:  Dedicating ourselves to researching and pursuing further knowledge to eliminate ableist language and behavior, transphobia, trans erasure, racism, mental health stigmas, homophobia, misogyny, and more from our dedicated practice in KPC spaces and beyond

  • Connection:  Establishing a Foundation of Trust through Transparency with Artists and Audiences to identify with our work so people can recognize we are more alike than different and we can come together, creating a kinder, empathetic, connected humankind

A few selected KPC credits... 

  • City Artist Corp Governors Island Residency in partnership with West Harlem Art Fund & Visual Muze UNTITLED GIRL NARRATIVE 2020/2021

  • Episcopal Actors Guild Open Space Grant Awardee UNTITLED GIRL NARRATIVE 2022

  • "Transcend, Uplifting Their Voices" concert July 2021 & scholarship initiative 21'/22'

  • Residency with Educational Alliance: Center for Recovery & Wellness: I Could Never Love Anyone...

  • Detroit Dance City Festival

  • APAP Showcase at Peridance Capezio Center

  • Steps Beyond Foundation Series

  • First Friday Residency Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning

  • Nasty Women Unite Fest

  • Choreographer's Canvas 92nd Street Y

  • DUMBO dance festival

  • Queensboro Dance Festival